The ProScan Survey is a research based personality and performance assessment that identifies how personality, natural strengths, as well as work and life environments are influencing real-time performance.

What's included?

  • 90 minute mentorship session bringing your ProScan report to life to support applying the results.
  • A 23-page detailed report describing in words and graphical measures each of the core aspects of your personality.
    • How you are functioning RIGHT NOW relative to your personality
    • The amount of "energy drain" and the size of your energy tank (and how to harness it for optimal efficiency)
    • Your most effective work style
    • Your unique motivators and demotivators
    • Your personal decision-making style
    • Your natural communication style
    • Your ideal leadership style
    • Your current level of life satisfaction
    • How to stay within your unique productivity "sweet spot”
    • Customized strategies to steer you toward your natural self