This assessment is a powerful tool that explores how the following behavior tendencies come together as your personal style that impacts how you communicate, lead, relate with others, and process information too.

By taking this assessment you will understand more about yourself and the people around you, whether that’s your family, friends or coworkers.

The DiSC Assessment measures and provides insight into four primary behavioral tendencies and emotions:

D - Dominance
I - Influence
S - Steadiness
C- Conscientiousness

You might be wondering... which style is the best? Actually, all DiSC styles are equally valuable. Everyone is a blend of all four styles. People can adapt their styles to fit particular situations or environments.

If you’re ready to raise your self -awareness, improve teamwork, make conflict more productive, develop stronger sales skills, and manage more effectively, then this assessment combined with your leadership coach debrief will give you the tools you need.

What's included?

  • An in-depth, 15-minute DISC assessment that asks questions about your preferences and priorities
  • A 29-page personalized DISC report that breaks down your communication style
  • 90-minute session with a certified Leadership Coach to debrief you on your individual report, sharing helpful insights to raise your self-awareness, and to grow and connect with other DISC personality types